My name's Garrett Wedel

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I was born and raised in Santa Clarita, California. I picked up a camera and have been running with it ever since. In my senior year of high school I had started taking pictures of friends and family. It wasn't until I had filmed my first wedding where I developed my interests further. Techniques were developed from scratch and I started taking a formulaic approach to weddings. Five years later, The Wedel Collective is a content creation firm that captures, produces and delivers exceptional quality content for anyone. 

Why the wedel collective?

The Wedel Collective was born out of a storytelling fixation. Every piece of work that comes out of this establishment references a moment, memory or a feeling. This business is a reflection of myself, and I feel that embracing all of life's moments, happy and sad chronicles the journeys that we take. My mother would tell me that everyone has a story, so whenever I get a moment to people watch, I often consider other peoples stories as a means to gain perspective. 

During my studies in school, I conducted a content analysis on the top ten songs from each previous generation all the way back to 1950. It was interesting to see the shifts of interests through the generations; however, what I found more fascinating was the subject matter that stayed consistent above everything else. I had classified it as love and intimacy related songs. 82% perfect of the songs in my study had dealt with love and intimacy. I explain this as a means to justify my creative process. I feel that love and intimacy play a significant role as it's a subject matter that I tend to discuss a lot in my work.


Growing up my sister had introduced me to high fashion - viewing campaigns from Chanel, Dior and growing accustomed to fashion and lifestyle publications like Vanity Fair and Vogue. I like to think this is where my interest in fashion and high production value had developed.

I was also exposed to a lot of music as well, my mother - had listened to Janise Joplin, Diana Ross and The Eagles while my father enjoyed Nirvana, Johnny Cash and The Beatles. Through listening, I had developed my own musical palette and started to create my own music. My albums included: Year of Resolve (2015), Life so Far (2016), Songs about Men (2017), and my next musical project which is currently in production.

My love for film came out of no where. In-fact, I've never been much of a film goer, as I normally have to force myself to see a movie at our local theatre. However, I watch my favorite movies on repeat for days on end. It's never occurred to me why I continue this habit, but it's always helped me focus and work on other tasks in the background. Some of my favorite films include Equals, Ex Machina and Vertigo. 

causes we support

As a businessman, it's important to let my clients know I'm capable in a professional capacity; however, being unapologetically yourself is what life's all about. The Wedel Collective accepts and embraces the LGBTQIA community and celebrates diversity across all cultures and communities.

The Wedel Collective has donated it's time and services to The Trevor Project, APLA (Aids Project Los Angeles), The Los Angeles LGBT Center and DFYinSCV (Drug Free Youth in Santa Clarita).


OUR Values

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The Wedel Collective is a proud supporter of the LGBTQIA community and pushes for marriage equality.  We highlight artists, individuals and concepts that challenge the social norms of today. By working with these individuals, we're able to push forward a positive movement. The Wedel Collective has a zero tolerance policy on discrimination based on appearance, gender, sexual orientation or faith.


Our goal is to provide visual storytelling to your occasion, business or brand for a fair price... period.  We are in business to do the right thing, even if it means less profit.


creative integrity

All visual materials featured on this website and our social media platforms are original works produced under The Wedel Collective house. 



We push to influence a positive culture of kindness and the celebration of the arts. We will donate our time and services to organizations, individuals, and businesses that reflect our interests and morals.